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Types of Bidding

Traditional Bidding – In a traditional auction, the auctioneer begins by asking for an opening bid and then the audience continues to escalate bids until the highest bidder is determined.

High Bidder's Choice - In this style of bidding, similar properties are grouped on a display next to the auctioneer. Bidders then bid for the right to select the property of their choice from the display. The highest bidder's choice is then removed and a subsequent round of bidding begins. This style of bidding is most commonly used on the sale of new construction condominiums or townhomes.

Multi-Par Bidding – Multi-Par Bidding is most commonly used on the sale of large undeveloped land where multiple parcels of land are offered. This method allows the bidder to place bids for various configurations of parcels based on the bidder's desire to assmeble the parcels.

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